Rich Dad Tycoon & Poor Daughter

A moment that can change one's life

Saturday 24 April, 2021 | Frank Brown

Building Up Confidence By Weight Loss

Being daughter of a wealthy hotel tycoon, Katie has become the target of prowling gold digger. She has low self–esteem due to her poor self-image, so she was never picky about who she goes out with. Her dating track record includes every sleazy charmer in the tri-state area. However, she could never see they were only after her money and truly believed they loved her.

" I thought he'd say our relationship was more than that,

but he asked for the money in cash and ditched me "

Relationship between Katie and her father is fraught because her father always stopped her from dating. They always fought like there was no tomorrow every time, causing a rift between her and her family. Moreover, Katie’s father couldn’t take it anymore and offered Katie’s boyfriend 50000 dollar to leave his daughter. End up, Katie's boyfriend took the money and left. 

" I had learnt lesson from this, I should make changes "

Challenges in The Journey of 

Weight Management

She started to hit the gym every day and  tried intermittent fasting, but nothing ever worked. Until one day, she stumbled upon a start up company while surfing her social. She found a new effective way to loss weight which is a patch. The patch put the body in the state of metabolic ketosis without going through a ketosis nutrition plan. 

Great Invention by Dr. James Rasmussen 

Dr. James Rasmussen researches a modern non-surgical weight management method. A new stride in the medical industry is making headline worldwide.

"It's really amazing! I haven't felt this good and alive in years."

"This is the nature's way of detoxifying our bodies. It's inexpensive. Modern days' method may sometimes be harmful with oral consumption of medicines and supplements"


Dr. James Rasmussen explains, it is revolutionary because it puts the body in the state of fat-burning ketosis. This is the latest breakthrough of modern medical weight management. It has been proven to break down fat cells and metabolize body mass effectively. 

"It is an alternative way of fat-burning without having to go through the ketosis plan"

-Dr. James Rasmussen 

Thanks for this Opportunity...

Not only did she reach her assessment goal weight, Katie also build up her self-esteem and confidence 

"Glad to see the successful result! Katie managed to slim down within a short period of time and proved to be the donor. I am happy with my invention  "

- Dr. James Rasmussen 

Katie wishes to share this with those who are suffering from loosing weight effectively. 

"Exercise is the right method to loss weight, but if your inner body is not ready, all your effort will be wasted. Improve your blood circulation and metabolism by patching it can effectively improve your journey of weight management "

- Katie

No harm to give it a try.